The Complete Formula For Following Your Excitement

This is the formula:
"Act on your excitement to the best of your ability taking it as far as you can and no further with zero expectation as to what the outcome ought to be."

Now let's take this formula apart and put it back together for you because this formula is a complete KIT. Which means that nothing is missing from this formula and nothing has to be added. So if you choose to use this formula as a permission slip all the information you need will be in this article.

Here is the formula again:

1. Act on your excitement
2. To the best of your ability
3. Taking it as far as you can and no further
4. With zero expectation as to what the outcome ought to be

Let's look at every part in more detail.

1. Act on your excitement

You actually have to act on your impulses. The action physically grounds the energy in physical reality and helps you unlock more access to your desired excitement/passion because it shows your commitment to your true core natural self. So, whenever you look around find the thing that excites you the most and act on it. It could be to call a friend, take a walk in the park or read a book. It doesn't have to be a huge project, it can be everyday excitement you experience in your life.

2. To the best of your ability

If you have two things that are equally exciting but you are already more proficient in one of them choose the one you have the greatest ability to act upon. Let's say you are a concert pianist but you broke your arm. If you are also a singer then singing would be the thing to choose now because you have more ability to act upon it and you will not lose momentum due to your inability to act. If you let the excitement be equal it will sooner or later put you back on track. And even if you have blockages now continue to act on your excitement as it will help you filter out belief systems and definitions that are outdated and no longer serve you so this kit runs like a well-oiled machine.

3. Taking it as far as you can and no further

Once you hit a crossroad where your excitement no longer supports you it's time to look around and choose which is the most exciting thing you can choose now. Even if you think the thing that excites you now is not connected with what originally excited you know that because it also excites you those things are connected because the excitement tells you that they are.

4. With zero expectation as to what the outcome ought to be

This is the most important part of the formula. It is about letting go. Do not assume that a certain relationship serves a specific purpose. Let it be the relationship it was designed to be. Don't get attached/addicted to the outcome but surrender to the process/journey. And it is also vital that if you want to achieve a certain goal it is important to let go of the image in your mind but hold on to the state within you because your higher mind is far more unlimited than your physical mind. If you insist that it must come through this person or that path you actually shortcircuit the process because what is the ceiling for the physical mind is just the floor for the non-physical mind. So relax your expectation and let the universe deliver something that may be far greater than what you imagined.

Now, if you follow this formula it can become the driving engine, organizing principle and path of least resistance in your life. And the synchronicities will explode towards you as you explode towards your excitement. It will be like going through the eye of the needle again and again coming out more pure than before every time you act on your excitement. And all the roadblocks on your path are actually stepping stones that need to be intergrated to become more of who you are because by definition your excitement cannot contain something that is not part of your excitement.


7 Steps to Manifest Anything You Want

I would like to share with you a 7 Step Process with which you can manifest anything you desire. It's pretty straight forward and it will help you realize at what step you are in any given process that you are involved in.

Okay, let's get right to it:

Step 1: Vision
You have to have a clear picture of what you want in your mind. The more defined that picture is the better. It is the blueprint for the house you are going to build.

Step 2: Desire

Your level of desire is indicated by the power of the emotions that you feel and the level of excitement in your being. Your emotions are like the builders of your house, they put the energy into motion.

Step 3: Belief

You have to believe that what you want is actually possible to create. The closer to 100% you get the better, sometimes manifestations will not be possible to work out at 99.9% belief because you have to be fully aligned in order for that reality to manifest.

Step 4: Acceptance

That is where you fully accept your imagined reality as true. It is real for you and you don't doubt it at all. You have accepted it as a reality.

The preceding four steps are the setup for the next 3 steps where we get more physical

Step 5: Intention

This is where you consciously command your reality and put forth the intention to manifest it with your own will.

Step 6: Action

This is where you take physical action and are already in the state of your new reality to ground the idea.

Step 7: Detachment
This is the final step where you totally and utterly detach from any outcome at all. You allow it to happen, you let it go UTTERLY and unconditionally.

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Test And Grow Rich

The Renegade Millionaire Way
by Dan S. Kennedy

Test And Grow Rich

“Testing” is an ugly topic.  Why?  Because testing variables in advertising direct mail, phone scripts and sales presentations requires discipline, diligence and patience.  To get it right, you can only test one variable at a time.  This means that if you change a headline, you can’t change anything else.  Plus you have to make sure all other variables remain the same, like the mailing day or a war breaking out that has everybody watching CNN day and night or the President getting caught again with his drawers down or a hurricane hitting.

Frankly, most business people will just not go through the “detailitis” required to test - which is why it’s a very good idea to model proven promotions.  And in some cases where you’re only going to use something once or twice or you’re dealing with a very small number, it’s just not worth testing; instead, you take your best shot.  But let’s assume you’re working on something you intend to use over and over and over again in some significant quantity, so that it’s worth real effort to fine-tune it...

I have some tips for you: first of all, there’s non-testing testing - huh?  Well, I describe that in my book ‘The Ultimate Sales Letter’ (available at http://www.gkicresourcecenter.com/books-by-dan-kennedy-and-bill-glazer/the-ultimate-sales-letter/ ), where I talk about the steps to take with a finished sales letter before you actually mail it.  Second, there’s split testing, which is the fastest way to test and get to a reasonable conclusion.  Let’s assume you have a postcard and you want to leave everything the same but test four different headlines, and you have 4,000 similar addresses to mail to.  You do “nth name testing”; that means Headline #A goes to every 4th name, Headline #B to every 5th name, Headline #C to every 6th name, etc. 

So you evenly divide the list without bias among the headlines being tested.  Some media (like Val-Pak or MoneyMailer) will let you split test within a single buy.  Third, there’s testing against a control.  A “control” is a marketing strategy that already works well and you’re using it on a continuing basis - maybe it’s a series of letters you mail every month.  You have been using it long enough you know what it produces.  You have a “known” to measure against.  Now you can start trying to improve that control, ideally one step or variable at a time.

If I’m trying to beat a control, here are the “hot” variables I’ll look at closely, to see if there’s room for improvement:

1.  The offer
2.  The guarantee(s)
3.  The urgency of response
4.  The big idea or big promise
5.  The overcoming of skepticism i.e. credibility and believability
6.  The style or tone of the writing itself
7.  The look of the piece

By the way, little, very testable things DO sometimes make very big differences.  Recently I showed an example in my newsletter of a guy who just added four rubber-stamped words to the outside of his envelope, and beat his control by 300%.  I once brought a TV infomercial back from the dead by raising the price of the product. 

Gary Halbert saved the Pearl Cream advertising by adding a particular bonus.  In 1984, after attending my seminar, a dentist in Sacramento changed five words on his Val-Pak coupon and went from getting two or three new patients a month to 15 to 20.  This is the sort of thing that makes direct-response advertising as frustrating as golf. (Did you happen to see John Daly miss a put seven times and scratch himself out of the tournament a few weeks back?  Ugh.)

Obviously, you can’t test if you can’t, won’t or don’t collect accurate data.  You have to code every offer, and track where every ounce of business comes from.  If you have employees who are lax about this, you must educate them about the importance, discipline them if they goof it up, and ultimately can’em if they won’t do it right 100% of the time.  I confess that I fly by the seat of my pants in my business more than I should, but I can’t fire me, God knows there are days I should.  Anyway, I can assure you: the clients I have with the best profits and incomes possess the best information about where their business comes from.

Let me switch gears and talk briefly about another aspect of “testing”.  This is actually how all highly successful entrepreneurs view everything they do...as testing.  They do NOT see things in the context of “success” or “failure” like ordinary people do, and as a result they do not become “de-motivated” like most people do.  See, most people drain all the vitality, courage, optimism and git-up-n-go out of themselves by focusing on all the things they do that don’t work out well, as a compilation of failures.

But successful people understand the powerful impact of that negative reinforcement on their own self-image (somewhat akin to the impact of pouring a gallon of toxic waste into a pint of clear water, drinking the result, and wondering why the stomach backs up into the esophagus).  Instead, they carefully organize the things they do into a series or sequence of experiments, testing options, and focusing on the ones they find that work.  And they fully expect to go through any number of experiments that don’t pan out before walking away from the lab with a winner.  This not only has practical relevance, it has profound psychological ramifications.   

Just like a little tweak in thinking can make a big difference in the results of say, an ad or a flyer, a little tweak in thinking can make a giant difference in the life results experienced by an individual.

DAN S. KENNEDY is a serial, multi-millionaire entrepreneur; highly paid and sought after marketing and business strategist; advisor to countless first-generation, from-scratch multi-millionaire and 7-figure income entrepreneurs and professionals; and, in his personal practice, one of the very highest paid direct-response copywriters in America. As a speaker, he has delivered over 2,000 compensated presentations, appearing repeatedly on programs with the likes of Donald Trump, Gene Simmons (KISS), Debbi Fields (Mrs. Fields Cookies), and many other celebrity-entrepreneurs, for former U.S. Presidents and other world leaders, and other leading business speakers like Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy and Tom Hopkins, often addressing audiences of 1,000 to 10,000 and up.  His popular books have been favorably recognized by Forbes, Business Week, Inc. and Entrepreneur Magazine. His NO B.S. MARKETING LETTER, one of the business newsletters published for Members of Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle, is the largest paid subscription newsletter in its genre in the world.


Attraction Marketing, done for you continued

In order for this article to make the most sense to you I have to make you agree to the following:

These are the most important parts in your body & in that order.

1. Brain
2. Reptilian Brain
3. Heart

Are you with me on that? Good.

Now let me explain why:

1. The brain is a bandwidth receiver and your frontal lobe is the most important part in the brain. What makes it to that point becomes law. End of story.
Whatever you keep on your mind sitting right there becomes your life. Be it good or bad, success or failure, happiness or unhappiness. Whatever makes it here succeeds.

2. The reptilian brain is the seat of the subconscious mind. That's where all information is stored about you, your past, even your future. And also about everyone, that ever lived and everyone that will live 10'000 years into the future. Scary thought, ey? But it's true.

3. The heart is the 4th seal in the body, it can give you forever youth when activated but with most people it starts to shrink by age 20-23 and that's why they start to look like prunes.

This is key, key, key in Attraction Marketing. Why? Because when you market to other people you market to people who also have brains, reptilian brains and hearts. Well, duh?
Traditional advertisers understand that. They know that the more eyeballs they can get in front of their products the more products they can sell because other people's brains are now flashing their products on their frontal lobe in their brain. But it gets deeper than that. Follow along here.

These people have accepted THEIR dream, THEIR product, THEIR reality because of very slick programming.

Let's give some examples on why this is important to understand and recognize.
Red Star


Recognize any of these symbols? Companies who are using these symbols are VERY aware of their meaning. Let me repeat that. Companies who are using these symbols are VERY aware of their meaning.

Red Star: The red star represents man, carnal man. It also represents you. Feel some "affection" for that symbol? Well, it might cause you to buy their products.

Shell: The shell is an alchemical symbol. The shell is left behind by an organism when the spirit is leaving the body. It aknowledges Spirit in Matter & when Spirit leaves the matter collapses.

Chevron: The Chevron is a symbol for separation. It separates heaven & earth, spirit & matter.

Isn't it weird? Huge companies know about the power of the spirit yet they don't really have a lot of interest in telling you about it because what would happen to their profits? They'd collapse the very moment people become initiated into this knowledge. They'd go down, because you don't feel "attracted" to them anymore because you are no longer in ignorance and perceive it as a "shiny object". Understand?

Because here comes the kicker. All this information about the symbols I just shared with you is part of the information that is stored in the reptilian brain, the 2nd most important part of your body.
Children that are born today already have in their reptilian Brain a recognition for these symbols of spiritual power & if you name your company after one of those symbols people may look at it & think nothing of it. They may see it as a commercial or cartouche but their reptilian brain (the subconscious mind) recognizes it so mean POWER. How many decisions in our daily life are made 'subconsciously'? I don't know the exact number but I know it's high, too high.

People are drawn to power like moths to a fire & that's how Attraction Marketing can be literally DONE FOR YOU. All you have to do is choose a symbol that subconsciously represents power, control, authority & you can create a crowd that consumes your products.

Now do I tell you to go out there and manipulate people?

But this information should make you more aware about the influence that symbols can have on your on a level that you are currently most likely not aware of. Now you know. And you can't go back into ignorance. You can't unknow once you know!

Use this information wisely.

And when you want to learn how to ethically apply this information to your business I encourage you to learn this straight from someone who LIVES & BREATHES this stuff. Only listen to people who have what you want & have been where you are.
That's why I recommend Dan Kennedy, a from-scratch multimillionaire who figured this whole "Attraction Marketing" out and lives & teaches it on a level that most people would simply SHOCK!

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To your never-ending success,


Attraction Marketing, done for you.

No-one was born a hollywood celebrity that can command the attention of millions of people & their hearts and minds had to be won by someone first. Even people who are born into rich, famous and influential families have to work their way up to the level that they want to be.

Let me explain why that is important for you.
Most people don't really feel that they have a lot of personal value to offer, they look at celebreties and think: "Well, of course THEY can do it" and the immediate disconnect happens.

From now on whenever they think about a celebrity they immediately worship that person as if they were somewhat special. When the only thing that really made them special was they themselves giving special meaning to what they were focused upon.

That's how all curiosity, interest, influence and leadership is created. We emphasize something and with enough authority we get others to follow our lead and also pay closer attention to what we are focused upon.

Sounds too easy?

Then just for a second think about all the successful people that you know and have heard - didn't they all say something along the lines of: "I just went out and did it" - "I felt like I had to do it" - "I had a dream..." - It all starts with that little seed that can grow and grow and grow until people who look from afar have no way of tracking back how that plant actually started to grow.

It started with a decision. The most important decision you can make in increasing your power and raising your level of attraction is that you are on equal playing ground with ANYONE and ANYTHING.

You can be a tennis pro and still get your ass whipped by someone who's been in the trenches not that long.
Why? Because all it takes from someone who's "worse" than you to make a decision that "You're really not that good..." and beat you in your own game.

So don't waste your time thinking in higher, lower, worse or better. Think in terms of cultivation, growth, stability, power.

The other stuff is just the result of what has been cultivated within that person. And that's how ATTRACTION MARKETING is something that you can achieve as easily as someone who's been at it and is way better than you are. Simply by making the decision.

But why would you decide to learn something if you didn't have a mentor? That's how all wealth of information is transferred - in the student-teacher relationship. Initiates in secret organizations & cults were always initiated from someone who's been passed down the knowledge verbatim and that's how it continued to be passed around for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Even if just a handful of people knew the knowledge, they only initiated people who were "worthy" of the initiation, worthiness not in a sense of "worse" and "better" but in a sense of "pure" and "unpure". Someone who's being taught how to control millions of people and doesn't apply it in full integrity and with the well-being of the recipient in mind is not "worthy" of being initiated into secret knowledge.

What happens when there's too much power and not enough love? We have tyrrany.

What if there's power and love? We have Attraction Marketing.

We have fascination, interest, intruige and a willingness to learn.

I want you to pay attention to things in your environment that can remind you of your inherent power but that has been kept away from you by not initiating you into this knowledge & awareness.

Once you are initiated you see the world with different eyes. It's just how it works. Your mind starts to process new thoughts, more unlimited thoughts and your actions and behaviors will reflect your new understanding.

Tomorrow I'll share with you some interesting pieces of information that point to "Attraction Marketing at work" and "done for you"...done for you in a way that you don't even understand yet how powerful it is.

I look forward to sharing it with you :)

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